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I write books and run errands for the missus.  I am self published through LULU.COM and all my works are available both at the publisher's site and on Amazon. 

A complete listing of the books I have authored can be found by visiting either of those sites and putting in my name.

If you decide to pay a visit to any of my books please be advised that I do not concentrate on any one genre.  Be sure to read the novel description before you hand over your hard earned cash.

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                 The Time of The Preacher

If you are looking for a different sort of western story, this is the one for you.  This is a tale of a stone cold killer outlaw who finds a path toward redemption while serving time in a New Mexico prison.  In a complete reversal of roles he becomes a circuit riding minister and travels the west seeking to find personal salvation by leading others to spiritual fulfillment. Still, elements from his past refuse to stay buried and The Preacher finds that his bible must be augmented by a sixgun.  When his past finally forces him into an inescapable showdown he discovers the only final salvation available to him.