Teller of Tales, both long and short


         BY  LULU.COM

I used to schlep a car full of equipment from one day care center to the next, photographing the kids and presenting their images for the parents to purchase.  Now I don't. 

It was a great career while it lasted, the sort of thing you think you might do even if you weren't paid for the effort.

Now I write.  I suppose I really wanted to be a writer for as far back as I can remember but given the fact that only some three hundred people, out of a population of three hundred million, make their living solely by creating fiction (politicians not included in that number), the odds indicated that some other means of making a living neededto be considered.

The digital age has changed the publishing landscape drastically.  Before only a select few could get into print but distribution of their work was a given.  Now anyone can be published however the onus of distribution has shifted and now rests on the shoulders of the author or others who offer distribution services for a fee.

And so the traditional gatekeepers of the publishing industry no longer hold the golden key.   Even a tired, broke old retiree such as myself can present his work to the public.  I hope that you find the time to look at some of my offerings and I hope even more that they meet the standard of quality you deserve when purchasing a work of fiction.